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Now Available: The complete Piano Sonatas and Sonatinas of Ferdinand Ries (6 discs)

"Kagan is superb at delineating each and every mood … this most recent volume … takes one on a voyage of discovery that guarantees to delight and fascinate…Ferdinand Ries's cause could hardly be better championed."—Fanfare

"Kagan's performance is simply marvellous throughout—she plays with sophistication, expression and humour that Ries himself would certainly have applauded. Kagan is also one of the leading published authorities on Ries’s music, and provides the informative liner notes. The recording and general technical quality are once again first-rate."—Music Web International
Susan Kagan Susan Kagan is a concert pianist and musicologist, recently retired from Hunter College, where she taught music history. A Beethoven expert, her doctoral dissertation explored Archduke Rudolph (Beethoven's patron, pupil and friend), and she has recorded the complete sonatas of Beethoven disciple Ferdinand Ries for Naxos Records. She is founder and past president of the New York Chapter of the American Beethoven Society. As a pianist, she has recorded works of Beethoven, Archduke Rudolph, Ferdinand Ries, Grieg, Mendelssohn and Bargiel. She also performs regularly with the ensemble Colleagues in Concert, and is an active reviewer for Fanfare Magazine.
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